The Special Courses are on a variety of subjects

including Reflexology, Qigong, Taiji Quan, Dyslexia, and Self Development.

There are also courses with compilations of Qigong exercises that focus on specific medical conditions such as insomnia, stress and an overly busy minds.

No previous experience is required to be able to

complete any of these courses.

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Forest Rock's Special Courses


The Special Qigong Courses -

A Brief Description

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover Your Natural Talents and Abilities in This Insightful Self Discovery workshop.

This one day live recorded workshop will unlock the mystery behind the Spiritual Gifts and helps you to connect to the true essence of who you are and why you are here.

Learn Advanced Reflexology & TCM for Health Practitioners

Gain a Deep and Practical Understanding of the Reflex Points and How They Relate to the Meridians and Organs in the Body.

In this intensive, systematic course, you will learn to confidently and safely practice Reflexology Healing massage for personal and professional use.

Learn the Simple 24 Posture Yang Style Taiji Form

Taiji is a Martial Art and is Also Excellent for Maintaining Superior Body Health.

In this course, you will be introduced to the famous

traditional (there are some modified versions of the postures) classical 24 Posture Yang Style Taiji Form.

Master Dyslexia with Brain Exercises for Kids & Adults

Learn 25 Different Exercises That Can Help You or Your Child's Brain Functions, Memory, Comprehension and Cognitive Power Better.

This course is a collection of exercises that significantly help

with Dyslexia and the functioning of the brain.

How to have Extraordinary Sleep & Wake Up Energized

This Course Covers Both Theory and Practical Exercises to Help You Understand the Causes and Treatments for Insomnia.

Using TCM principles and Qigong exercises, you can safely practice techniques to help you go to sleep and have a good quality of sleep all night.

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