4 March - 14 April, 2024

This training will be held every two years only.

Upon completion you will receive your

300hr Qigong Teacher Training Certificate which together with your 200hr Certificate will certify you as 500hr Forest Rock Qigong Teacher.

"I am excited to unlock more of the amazing understandings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and these ancient teachings. I like sharing all my knowledge and what I have learned with you."

Peter Caughey, Founder and Senior Teacher of Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School

What to expect from the

Level 2 Qigong Teacher Training

Pre-Requisites to Join the Forest Rock 300-Hour Qigong Teacher Training

Prior to joining our 300hr Level 2 QTT you must have completed the Forest Rock Level 1 QTT either online or in-person.

There are two options for the pre-requisites, one is for those who want to receive a qualification to teach and the other is for those who are doing the training for their own personal development and practice.

Option 1.

Pre-requisite to become a 300hr Level 2 Certified Qigong Teacher

  1. Complete Modules 1,2 and 3 of the QTT Level 1.
  2. Teach 50 hours of Qigong Classes and keep a record in the form of a teaching hours log.
  3. Prior to starting the Level 2 training, you must have completed 6 months of personal practice of the 3 Qigong systems taught during the level 1 QTT (Shi Ba Shi, 5 Elements, Heaven to Earth). We recommend to practice each system once a week to really internalise them.

Option 2. Pre-requisite for personal development and practice

  1. Complete Module 1 and 2 of the 200hr QTT.
  2. Prior to starting the Level 2 training, you must have completed 6 months of personal practice of the 3 Qigong systems taught during the level 1 QTT (Shi Ba Shi, 5 Elements, Heaven to Earth). We recommend to practice each system once a week to really internalise them.


  • The trainings runs for 6 weeks
  • It includes 5 different Qigong Systems that are taught at Level 2: Heaven to Earth, Shi Ba Shi, 5 Element, Six Healing Sounds of the Five Elements & Dao Yin Zang Fu Qigong
  • There will be 3 extra sets of Qigong exercises never taught before online - Lao Tzu Shao Dan, Dao Yin Head Massage Qigong & Sleeping Qigong 
  • You will get access to 114 practical lessons & lectures in total (pre-recorded & live)
  • 18 live online practical classes
  • 12 live online Q&As
  • 45 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) lectures (All new content)
  • Four new meditations
  • Introduction to two chanting exercises

The Curriculum

All content listed here is taught at Level 2 depth and knowledge.

Join practical lessons, medical applications, breathing patterns and Qi movements in the meridians of the 5 Qigong Systems:

Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong
Five Element Qigong
Heaven to Earth Qigong
Six Healing Sounds of the Five Elements
Dao Yin Zang Fu Qigong

Introducing 3 New Qigong Systems

& Their Medical Applications

Lao Tzu Shao Dan
This is a set of sitting meditation Qigong exercises for harmony, peace, spiritual connection and a clear mind.

Dao Yin Head Massage Qigong 
This is a series of Qigong exercises for different medical conditions involving the head and upper part of our body, such as headaches, eyes and ears, taste and smell.

Sleeping Qigong
This is about learning a different way of sleeping and changing to way we see sleeping and resting, and what happens with our mind and soul (Shen) when we are sleeping and dreaming.

Four New Meditation Practices

Introduction to Medical Healing Through Chanting

Five Element Theory - Level 2

  • Study of the spiritual understanding of the Five Elements
  • Musical notes of the Five Elements MP3s

Forest Rock Monastery School Philosophy Lessons

  • Understanding the 10 Principles of how to be in harmony with Heaven and Earth 

TCM Theory

Understanding the Chinese characters of the names of the Shi Ba Shi Taji exercises.

Medical applications and functions of the 8 extraodinary vessels.

Acupuncture Points Theory & Grouping

  • The Twelve Heavenly star points of Ma Dan Yang
  • The Four and Six Command points

Acupuncture Points Study

  • Bai hui (DU 20) - Hundred Meeting Point
  • Lao gong (PC 8) - Palace of Toil
  • Yong quan (KI 1) - Gushing Spring
  • Ming men (DU 4) - Gate of Your Life’s Vitality
  • Qi hai (REN 6) - Sea of Qi

The Six Curious Organs

  • Marrow
  • Brain (Sea of marrow)
  • Bones 
  • Uterus (Zi Cong, Baby Palace)
  • Vessels 
  • Gallbladder

The Functions of the Six Yin

Meridians & Their Organs in TCM

  • Heart
  • Pericardium
  • Spleen
  • Lungs
  • Kidneys
  • Liver

TCM Syndromes Differentiation

  •  Heart Syndromes
  •  Small Intestines Syndromes
  •  Spleen Syndromes
  •  Stomach Syndromes
  • Lung Syndromes
  •  Large Intestine Syndromes
  •  Kidney Syndromes
  •  Urinary Bladder Syndromes
  •  Liver Syndromes
  •  Gallbladder Syndromes

TCM Theory - Pulse Diagnosis

Palpating for rapid and slow, full and empty

TCM Way to Healing Through Food

TCM Philosophy - Level 2

  • Qi -The 19 Types of Qi
  • Blood - Xue
  • Body fluids
  • Jing 

What You Will Gain

From This Training?

This course will amplify your understanding of TCM to another level. You will see yourself and the world in a very different way.


_ You will learn how to move energy in you meridians and organs.

_ Have a deeper experience while practicing the Qigong exercises.

_ You will feel your energy moving and strengthening in your body.

_ You will feel energy in your body & in the space outside of your physical body.

_ Increase your awareness &
sensitivity to Qi.


_ You will gain an even deeper understanding of TCM and Qigong.

_ You will gain more experience, knowledge and variety of Qigong exercises that you can use for teaching, medical application or for your own self development practice.

_ You will learn how to amplify your intention energy to a higher level and that will change your awareness of who you are.

_ Have more control over your thinking and learn how to quiet your mind.


_ Learn how to free up the energy that is blocked in your body and your Shen (Soul).

_ Free up the unwanted pressure on your heart and get a sense of freedom.

_ See the world from your heart not your mind.

_Experience feeling more love and peace in your life.

_ Grow your connection to the energy outside of yourself.

_ Define and experience more of who you are as energy which is more than just as a physical body.

500-Hour Qigong Training Certification Requirements

In order to receive your 500hr Forest Rock Qigong Teacher Training Certificate, you must fulfil the following requirements:

_ Complete the pre-requisites for this 300hr Level 2 QTT (please see top of the page).

_ As part of this 300hr training you must also complete an additional 50 hours of Online Qigong courses, by completing two Level 1 Online Forest Rock courses:

_ Level 1 Ba Duan Jin Qigong and

_ Level 1 Long Life Qigong.

_ Attend all Live Online Qigong exercise classes or complete and practice them from the recorded videos.

_ Attend all live Online Q&A sessions or complete these sessions by watching the recorded videos.

_ Complete a Qigong exercise patient Case Study.

_ Attend the 3 online one-on-one assessments.

_ Complete all TCM Theory lessons.

Pricing Options

Pay before 31 December 2023 to save $400 and get the Early Bird rate

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already purchased the
Level 1 Ba Duan Jin Qigong Course or the Level 1 Long Life Qigong Course prior to this training, the price for this 300hr Qigong Training will be reduced according to the price of your original purchase.

If that is the case, PLEASE CONTACT US
through [email protected] or through WhatsApp

Practicalities & Technicalities


  • The training consist of pre-recorded lessons, live practice classes as well as live Q&A sessions.
  • You will have one-on-one assessments.
  • You will receive a printable Training Manual.


  • At the beginning of each week all video lessons will be released for that week so you can watch and practice when it suits you. You can plan in between 1-3 hours max. per day for the recorded classes.
  • The live practice classes, Q&As and live meditations will be on the weekends to work in with your work and family life. You can plan in 2-3 hours max. on the weekends.
  • Accommodating different time zones: We have tried to cater for the different time zones to make it easier for everyone around the globe to join. Though if you can't make a live session, don't worry, all of the live classes & Q&As will be recorded so you won't miss anything.
  • There will be two rest days per week so you can learn at a comfortable pace.


  • You will have access to a private chat group on telegram where you can talk with your fellow students and post any questions that may arise for your teachers.


For you to experience this training smoothly from a technical perspective you need:

  • A good wifi connection
  • Speakers to connect to your computer
  • Headphones with a microphone


Email us at [email protected] or

reach out directly through WhatsApp

for a chat by clicking here.