The Toe Raised Transport & Conversion Pattern

16-19 September 2021

9 am - 5 pm | Bali time

Qigong Teacher Peter Caughey about this course


This Qigong course will teach you how to connect with Heaven Qi and the energy outside of your body. It will connect you to the energy from Earth Qi and help you to create an ever-increasing life force for yourself.

Some people have referred to the Toe Raising Pattern as a moving meditation exercise but I believe it is much more than that. I have personally had some pretty wild and surreal experience while doing this pattern.

This Qigong pattern is unique and is made up of 7 different parts but is performed in one continuous sequence without stopping or pausing. It can take from 45 minutes to over an hour to complete.

This set is for the brave and disciplined Qigong practitioner or for a person who is new to Qigong that wants to experience the unknown and have an experience that is beyond the understanding of their rational minds.

These exercises also create a balance of Yin Yang in the body and in the meridians and the 8 extraordinary energy vessels that store our life force.

These exercises create perseverance, vitality, stamina, discipline, determination and calmness that quiet the mind.

What are the benefits of

the Dao Yin Qigong system?

  • A calmer peaceful mind, clearer focus and perception
  • A deeper sense of your own courage, perseverance and discipline
  • A sense of being connected to something bigger than yourself
  • It helps your energy be clear and quiet, which helps to tranquillise the mind
  • It strengthens the four extremities
  • It invigorates the Yin Qiao vessel and the Yang Qiao vessel
  • It invigorates vitality and makes the blood and vital energy function more effectively, so as to eliminate disease and promote longevity
  • It regulates the heart, the breath and the physical body

Peter Caughey

Taiji & Qigong Teacher, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist.

"My mission is to help people discover the true essence of who they are and to live their life with abundant freedom."

I love helping people break free from their stories that I believe make them unhappy, discontent and unwell. I’ve helped people from all around the world to break free from these stories and I’ve discovered that most of us have similar patterns and beliefs that are limiting us from living our full potential as a human being. 

During my combined 30 years of teaching Taiji (Tai chi) and Qigong and treating people in my acupuncture clinic, I have learnt about how to create a higher quality of health for people and how to break their limiting belief stories.

I have dedicated my life to helping people to have a higher level of health and I encourage them to see the world in a different way. A way that inspires them to enquire into the possibilities of how they can have a more fulfilling and happier life with a flow on effect that benefits and helps others.

What You Will Learn From This Course

  • Learn how to live with a stronger connection to your own Heart
  • Deepen your connection with your own intuition and wisdom
  • Develop sensitivity to the movement of Qi (energy) in yourself and others
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong
  • Learn the Dao Yin Qigong The Toe Raised Transport and Conversion Pattern medical applications and theory
  • Learn how to strengthen the tendons and muscles
  • Improve the suppleness of your spine
  • Repair damage caused by excessive emotions and worry
  • Increase blood and energy (Qi) circulation
  • Learn how to stimulate the central nervous system
  • Strengthen your bones and the immune system

Amazing Value & a life transforming experience

in these 4 days

Peter wants to pass on his 30 years experience

on how to live a long happy and healthy life.

Don't miss out!

This is a once a year offering for this training.

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Dao Yin Toe Raising Transport and Conversion Pattern Qigong Course

2 payments of $145/month

Dao Yin Toe Raising Transport and Conversion Pattern Qigong Course

2x Payment Plan

  • Introduction into what is Qigong and the history of Qigong
  • Qigong practice guidelines
  • Safety precautions for practicing Qigong
  • Qigong stances and preparation techniques
  • Dao Yin Qigong Opening and Closing form
  • Dao Yin Qigong Opening and Closing of the Three Dantians forms
  • The Dao Yin Qigong The Toe Raised Transport and Conversion Pattern
  • Dao Yin Qigong Opening and Closing of the two Dantians forms
  • Kneading the abdomen form

  • Printable PDF manual
  • Detailed programme with all the timings
  • Access to all the Dao Yin Qigong The Toe Raised Transport and Conversion Pattern lessons
  • Recordings of the Inner Smile, Red Chair and Bone Washing Meditations
  • Access to all the Live Q&A sessions
  • Access to all the Live practical classes and access to the recording copies of these classes
  • Access to the Telegram group chat for this training where students can connect to other students and ask any questions
  • An extra 45-min private one-on-one online class with a Forest Rock Qigong School senior teacher to give feedback and correction if required for the practice
  • A certificate of completion

Course Curriculum in Detail

  Day One
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  Day two.
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days after you enroll
  Day Three
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days after you enroll
  Day Four
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the Different Time Zones

If you are unable to attend all of the live classes and Q&As, they will all be recorded and you will be able to watch them in your own time.

If you have questions during the course, you can post them in the private Telegram group (you will be added once you sign up) or send us an email and we will answer them in the next live Q&A. If you have any questions before signing up, please send an email to [email protected].

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