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Qigong Assessment or Private Lesson with Emi

We are now offering private online Qigong lessons and additional Qigong assessments for the 200hr Level 1 QTT with our Senior Forest Rock Teachers.

On this page you can book a One to One with Emi.


Senior Forest Rock Qigong Teacher

Hi, I'm Emi, a certified Forest Rock Qigong teacher. My journey learning Qigong started when I was recovering from a surgery that didn't go well and left me with scars and excruciating pain that affected every aspects of my life. Since very early in my practice I felt the self-healing qualities of Qigong and that led me through various practices from medical Qigong to the classical sets and to the newest addition, Taiji.

I started teaching because more and more people are keen to experience positive changes and improvements in the quality of their life. Qigong is a simple path to feel healthier, happier and more vibrant.

The classes I teach either focus on one Qigong set or a specific health issue that we address by practicing a group of exercises from different sets.

Classes: online - groups and one-on-one by request

Language: English and possible Hungarian by request

One to One Assessment or Private Lesson