2 - 5 Sept 2021


This Five Element Qigong System provides an

understanding of the

relationships and harmony

between the Five Elements

(Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal) in yourself, nature and all living beings

on this planet.


What you will gain from practicing this Qigong system:

These Qigong exercises increase vital energy in the body

It develops focus, strength and stamina

It helps in calming the nervous system and grounding the body

Increases good alignment and flexibility

Develops self-awareness, balance, perseverance and discipline

Treats digestive disorders

Treats respiration dysfunctions

Opens your Heart spiritually

Brings quietness to your busy mind

Increases your sense of purpose and direction in your life

Increases your awareness of the workings of the 5 elements

within your body, environment and nature

Deepens your connection with other people and nature.

Course :

Introduction into what is Qigong & its History

Qigong Practice Guidelines

Safety precautions for practicing Qigong

Qigong stances & preparation

Qigong Dao Yin Opening and closing forms

Five Element Qigong Exercises

Five Healing Sounds

Dao Yin Zang Fu Qigong exercises

Dao Yin Insomnia Qigong

Exercise medical applications

24-hour Qi cycle

How to balance the Emotions of the 12 Meridians

Five Element Theory

Spiritual Aspects of the Five Elements

Yin Yang Theory

Traditional Chinese Medicine

(TCM) and Good Eating Habits

Bone washing Qigong Meditation

Inner Smile Meditation

Red Chair Meditation

Forest Rock Monastery Taiji and Qigong School Philosophy Lessons.

Accommodating the Different Time Zones

If you are unable to attend all of the live classes and Q&As, they will all be recorded and you will be able to watch them in your own time.

We have tried to cater for the different time zones to make it easier for people to join.

If you have questions, you can post them in the private Facebook group for the course or send us an email and we will answer them in the next live Q&A.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to [email protected]

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