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We go Live from Bali Twice a Week with our Online Qigong Classes

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Thursday 3pm (Bali time)

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This Online Resource

Has Two Parts

1. Get Access to all

Weekly Live Qigong Classes

Each class has a different themes or a topic that is covered and which introduces and explains many different aspects of Qigong and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

The Live classes are easy follow and you will be able to practise each of the different Qigong exercises comfortably. Not only are these exercises great for your health, but they are fun.

The content of my classes is based on different Qigong exercises from many different Qigong systems and I put them together for each specific class. I use exercises that are relevant and useful for the medical theme we are covering in each class.

2. Get Access to the Qigong Class Library

In addition to having access to the live Qigong classes you will have access to the Qigong class library. After each live class, the recorded video of the class will be uploaded to the library.

After subscribing you will receive a zoom link as well as a passcode so you can join all the live classes weekly.

Some of the Qigong

Library Class Themes

  • Seeing the world through your Heart
  • Strengthening your Immune System
  • Discover how big you are energetically
  • Open your Third Eye
  • Learning how to stop and experience stillness
  • Creating a flexible Spine to Relieve Nervous Tension

  • Learn how to project energy out of your hands
  • Strengthening the Spleen and the Stomach to help with digestion
  • How Qigong can strengthen your eye sight, vision and hearing.

and many more...

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Peter Caughey

Founder of Forest Rock Qigong & The Forest Rock Taiji & Qigong School,
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master of Taiji Quan & Qigong, Acupuncturist and a published Author.

"I help people experience that they are connected to and are part of something much larger than themselves."
I am a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Master of Taiji Quan and Qigong, an Acupuncturist, a Chinese Medical Herbalist, a Medical Qigong and Tunia practitioner, and a published Author. I am the last known remaining teacher of the Jen Gee Dao Tai Kit Kuen Monastery School Principles and Philosophy, originally from Southern China.

During my 30 years of both treating people in my TCM Acupuncture Clinic and practicing and teaching Taiji (Tai chi) and Qigong, I have learnt what true health in a human physical body really looks like and how to achieve it. I believe if you really want to be truly healthy then you need to see your life, the world and why you are here in a different way.

Prior to studying TCM, Qigong and Taiji, I spent 16 years in the New Zealand Army and seven of those in the NZSAS (New Zealand Special Forces).

I am also a husband, a father of three children and a grandfather. I love traveling the world with my wife, Josephine, and my young son, Rayner - meeting new people and experiencing their cultures and countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Log in for Live Classes?

After you enrol and the 7 day free trial has finished, you will be sent a thank you message. Within this email you will receive a zoom link and a passcode so you can attend the live classes. Remember to check the times according to your time zone.

How do I Access the

Recordings of the Live Classes?

The live classes will be uploaded to the site within 24 hours after the class has been filmed.

What if I Want to Unsubscribe?

No problem, we would never want you to be unhappy. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.