Qigong Teacher Peter Caughey about the Online 200-Hour Qigong Teacher Training

How Can I become a Level 1

Certified Forest Rock

Qigong Teacher?

There are 3 options to obtain your Level 1 Teacher Certification with Forest Rock Qigong.

Option 1: Live-In-Person Training in Bali

Read more about this path here

Option 2: Live Online Qigong Teacher Training

We run this course twice a year.

Option 3: Three Modules Online

Can't make the live online training dates? You can complete 3 QTT Modules Online to get certified in your own time and at your own pace.

For both online options to complete the training, continue reading on this page.

Practice at your own pace.

If you choose to obtain your Level 1 Forest Rock Qigong Teacher Training Certification through this pathway, you need to complete the following three modules of the training online.

Module I.

You have the option to either by the joining 3 online courses separately or in a 3-Course Bundle: Shi Ba Shi, Five Elements & Heaven to Earth Qigong and their related TCM content.

Module II.

This Module contains TCM lessons, Teaching Methodology, Business Fundamentals & Introduction to Neuroscience.

Module III.

(Part of your Module II purchase.)

In this Module you will complete your post course requirements. This means 15 hours of registered independent teaching, a written Qigong system review and you will hand in a recorded teaching demonstration.

Module I.

Get 3 Qigong Systems in a Bundle

Within this bundle you will receive these 3 Qigong exercises systems: Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong, Five Element Qigong & Heaven to Earth Qigong.

Module I.

Get 3 Qigong Systems separately

For those that might have already completed one of the 3 Level 1 Qigong System Courses (Shi Ba Shi Taiji Qigong, Five Element Qigong or Heaven to Earth Qigong) needed to complete Module 1 of the QTT, you can also purchase the 3 Qigong systems separately.

Module II. & Module III.

Extensive Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory

and Post Course Requirements.


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